AutoGlassInspector Gauging and Reflection - AGI-G/R™

Glasstech would like to introduce you to a revolutionary technology that can dimensionally gauge and quantitatively measure the reflective optics of complex shaped automotive glass.

Glasstech has developed a technology that can accurately measure the surface of complex glass shapes without contact, other than datums supporting the glass, as well as measure localized curvatures that are observed as reflection.

Glasstech's Automotive Glass Inspection System addresses the high cost and technical limitations of current contact gauging technologies. The Glasstech System eliminates costly electronic probe gauges and can provide an accurate surface map of the entire glass part. The elimination of the costly probe gauges plus the measurement of the entire glass surface offers a significant cost savings while giving much greater information to the automotive OEM that can be used to evaluate vehicle HUD, camera and wiper performace.



AutoGlassInspector Brochure


For more information on Glasstech's AutoGlassInspector AGI-G system, select (English)  or  (Chinese)

For more information on Glasstech's AutoGlassInspector AGI-R system, select (English)  or  (Chinese)