DBX-T™ Deep Bend Advanced High Capacity Bending and Tempering System

Glasstech’s DBX-T is Glasstech's next generation automotive glass bending and tempering Process. The DBX is an innovative, energy efficient glass bending and tempering system that can process complex shapes to tight tolerances with excellent optics. DBX glass typically has 30 percent better transmitted optics on complex-shaped glass when compared to other processes

The DBX-T System is also a high capacity system and in its highest capacity configuration, can process complex backlites at cycle rates as low as 10 seconds, which lowers the operating cost to process a backlite

Compared to the latest DB4 technology, the DBXprovides the following advantages:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher glass quality
  • Yield improvement
  • Less cloth changes
  • Extended mold cloth life

The DBX-T is available in both a 10 second version and a 12 second version.



DB-T™ Sell Sheet


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