EPB-T™ | EPB-XT™ External Press Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s EPB-T is an innovative, highly versatile glass bending and tempering system designed for manufacturers of automotive glass sidelites, backlites and sunroofs. The system satisfies OEM demand for complex shapes with superior optical quality, while also meeting the need for greater productivity, economical tooling and lower energy usage.

EPB-T has established new glass industry standards for quality, bending accuracy and productivity for sidelite production in Europe and the United States. In addition, the system has achieved the strict optical performance requirements of Audi/Volkswagen and the demanding shape tolerances of BMW.

The particular merits of the EPB-T are press-bending with a full surface mold and full periphery female ring, fast transfer from heater to quench and a FanRoll option, which pre-bends relevant parts in the heater, reducing subsequent bender cycle time and permitting lower exit temperatures.

The EPB-T is available in narrow form for single stream sidelites or wider form for backlites and dual stream sidelites.

The EPB-XT system offers the same advantages as EPB-T only the load area is expanded to 1600mm (63") by 2134mm (84") for heat strengthened parts to manage large panoramic rooflites.



EPB-T | EPB-XT Brochure


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