FCH-S™ Forced Convection Heater Flat Glass Tempering System

Glasstech FCH-S technology has become the definitive method for heating glass that does not easily respond to electric radiant heat. The system is ideal for heat-treating active, high light transmission (low-iron) smooth or textured cover panels, rigid back panels and clear glass for PV panels. With full convection heating, FCH-S requires less facility space for productivity equivalent to electric radiant heaters. In addition, FCH-S offers an energy cost-saving solution alternative in locales where natural gas is a more attractive fuel supply.

FCH-S™ Continuous Glass Strengthening System Advantages

  • High precision production
  • Gas fired cost advantage, depending on location
  • Superior heating including coated glass products
  • Proven technology
  • Ability to process:
    • Low-iron glass
    • Low-iron textured glass
    • TCO-coated glass for photovoltaics
  • Meets stringent PV industry flatness standards
  • Less facility space required for equivalent productivity
  • Robustly built for long life and capability
  • Systems running around the world

Precision, Repeatability, Energy Savings and High Volume = Lower Part Cost

Glasstech FCH-S is the definitive system for the high quality, low cost production of coated glass products.

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FCH-S Sell Sheet


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