EPB-L/T™ | EPB-XL/T™ External Press Bending System for Annealing, Heat Strengthen or Tempered Automotive Safety Glass

Glasstech’s EPB-L/T is an innovative, highly versatile glass bending system designed for the maximum flexibility in the production of windshields, backlites or rooflites. The system satisfies the automotive OEM's demand for complex part shapes with superior optical quality, while also meeting the glass processor's need for greater productivity, economical tooling, energy conservation and flexibility with a single system being capable of producing low stress laminated, semi-tempered or tempered monolith products.

Designed as an expandable system, the production capabilities of the EPB-L/T can easily meet production needs. EPB-L/T allows traditional sized parts to be produced up to a load area of 1220mm (48") by 1828mm (72"). The EPB-XL/T system offers the same advantages as EPB-L/T only the load area is expanded to 1600mm (63") by 2134mm (84") to manage large panoramic rooflites or windshields.

Production capabilities vary with standard capacity, intermediate capacity and high capacity configurations available. Additionally, coated glass configurations are available to meet the increasing demand for processing high performance coatings.

Production Capabilities:

  • Tempered monolith backlites, sidelites or sunroofs
  • Laminated semi-tempered backlites, sidelites or sunroofs
  • Laminated windshields or low stress sunroofs
  • A facility dedicated to sunroof applications for either laminated low stress or semi-tempered sunroofs or monolith tempered sunroofs


EPB-L/T | EPB-XL/T Brochure


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