ABTS™ Advanced Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s ABTS system is designed to shape glass of varying thickness into graceful, custom-specified bends, providing architects and designers with high quality, curved architectural glass for building facades, furniture and other applications. ABTS also has the ability to produce flat glass, which makes it a very versatile system for architectural glass fabrication.

Glasstech systems have produced some of the most dramatic glass bends for use in the architectural industry. Over the years, Glasstech’s ABTS system has continually evolved to help lower processing costs and enhance product quality. With impressive bending capability, ABTS can produce everything from simple cylindrical bends and asymmetrical parts to graceful S shapes and V bends. This gives architects considerable design flexibility and affords processors economy of production.

Two widths are available – 2140mm (84") and 2440mm (96") – and systems offer single cycle or double cycle heating to produce parts up to 3660mm (144") long.

Glasstech ABTS systems are in use in Europe, Asia and the United States.



ABTS Sell Sheet

Advanced Bending

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