EPB-L™ | EPB-XL™ External Press Bending System for Annealing Automotive Safety Glass

Glasstech’s EPB-L is a highly productive, energy-efficient system for the production of bent and annealed windshields and backlites suitable for lamination. The system meets OEM requirements for high quality and precise tolerances and, because it uses only a single tool set, significant energy savings.

EPB-L offers glass processors major advantages – greater productivity, economical tooling and lower energy usage – compared to traditional methods of bending windshield and sidelite glass for laminating.

EPB-L has excellent credentials for productivity, glass shaping accuracy, high yield and moderate tool cost. As the industry demands ever-increasing tolerances to address the introduction of new windshield wiper technology and heads-up display, Glasstech EPB-L can meet the requirements and give the user significant cost savings through lower processing costs.

EPB-L allows traditional sized parts to be produced up to a load area of 1220mm (48") by 1828mm (72"). The EPB-XL system offers the same advantages as EPB-L only the load area is expanded to 1600mm (63") by 2134mm (84") to manage large panoramic rooflites or windshields.



EPB-L | EPB-XL Brochure


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