DB 4™ Quick Change/Fast Cycle Advanced Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s deep bend QC/FC advanced bending and tempering system produces high optical quality glass to precise tolerances and in complex shapes, which enables designers to create exciting new concepts. The system’s quick tool change feature permits changeover from one production part to the next in 90 minutes. Fast cycle allows complex deep bend parts to be produced in as little as 17 seconds.

Compared with the original DB 4 system, DB 4 QC/FC offers a total productivity gain of about 40%. This is achieved by reducing part changeover time from approximately 6 hours to 90 minutes. In addition, a new self-centering system permits yield to increase by an additional 2%–3% and facilitates quicker achievement of production quality when starting up.

Glasstech DB 4 QC/FC is probably the most widely used complex bending system in the automotive glass industry, providing processors with the ability to meet the very exacting demands of original equipment manufacturers.

With high productivity, high part yield and the ability to process the most difficult shapes, the DB 4 is the obvious choice for today’s complex tempered glass production.



DB 4 Sell Sheet

DB 4

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