CRB1™, CRB2™, CRB3™ & CRBA™ Advanced Cylindrical Bending & Tempering Systems

Glasstech CRB1, CRB2, CRB3 and CRBA cylindrical radius bending systems are designed to meet customer requirements for simplicity, high throughput, ease of operation and productivity. Ideal for long or short runs, CRB systems produce very repeatable bent, tempered automotive parts – and no part-dedicated tooling is required.

Used to create lites for cars, trucks, SUVs, buses and even trains, CRB systems have revolutionized the process of forming flat glass into simple cylindrical shapes. With CRBA, the system includes additional capability for forming flat glass into asymmetrical shapes.

Glasstech’s CRB3™ system introduces cross-bend capabilities in the production of cylindrical radius parts. CRB3 can produce up to 5mm (3/16") of cross bend in a part 1m (3.3′) in length while retaining the advantage of not requiring any part-dedicated tooling.

Fast changeover from one part to another makes CRB one of the most versatile and economical systems available today. Changing shapes can take just seconds for glass of the same thickness; only 5-20 minutes when changing between different glass thickness.

Originally designed as very narrow systems for processing cylindrical sidelites, CRB systems now produce glass parts in a variety of sizes – with widths up to 1500mm (59") and lengths up to 2440mm (96"), depending on the CRB model.



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Cylindrical bending

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Cylindrical bending

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Cylindrical bending

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