SDB-L™ Windshield Forming & Annealing System

Glasstech’s super deep bend is a world-class, production-proven in-line forming system for tempering, heat strengthening and annealing automotive safety glass. Available with electric radiant or gas fired forced convection heating, SDB-L is capable of producing the most complex windshield shapes to precise tolerances with high quality.

SDB-L is ideal for producing thin, high quality glass monoliths for subsequent laminating. The system features a special patented cooling system which provides the glass parts with increased edge compression without increasing center band tension. This reduces losses in assembly and service.

The bending method allows the creation of modern spherical shapes, giving automotive designers more options for creativity and vehicle aerodynamics.

SDB-L is used to produce windshields for America’s most popular pick-up truck, the Ford F-150.