DB 4™ Deep Bend Advanced Bending & Tempering System

Automotive glass produced on Glasstech’s DB 4 system has freed designers to develop exciting new concepts. Glass produced on these deep bend advanced bending and tempering systems has high optical quality, meets precise tolerances and is consistent, no matter how complex the shape.

Introduced in 1985 as an enhancement to the Glasstech Quick Sag system, DB 4 uses the same tooling for simple parts and adds additional tooling for complex parts. Available with electric radiant or gas fired convection heaters, the system produces glass of exceptionally high optical quality to precise tolerances and with uniformity of shape.

Unsurpassed in creating complex backlites, sidelites and quarterlites to U.S. and ECE International fracture standards, DB 4 can process coated and tinted glass without difficulty.



DB 4 Sell Sheet

Deep Bend

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