Solar Prototype Production

Glasstech has prototype production systems available to produce a limited range of prototype parts for customers. We recognize the customers’ need for assistance in proving out their concepts and implementing them through the introductory phase of their product life cycle. This proof of concept, in turn, assists customers in attracting capital for scale-up to high volume production, which is a vital piece of their business model.

It is not just that the product can be fabricated, but that it can be produced with processes that ensure tight tolerances, repeatability and, ultimately, high volume which, in the end, translates into lower cost.

Plus, Glasstech can model the required parts using our Shape Modeler® software, to determine the best process for the application.

That is why Glasstech offers the potential for concept prove-out, sample production and operator training in its state-of-the-art R&D facility in Perrysburg, Ohio, USA.

Please refer to the Aftermarket Tooling section for additional details.