DB 4-S™ Advanced Deep Bend & Tempering System

The Glasstech DB 4-S tempering/annealing system is ideal for producing dish segments and smaller, high volume spherical and parabolic solar collector deep bend shapes for CSP and CPV.

DB 4-S™ Glass Shaping & Processing System Advantages

  • Deep bend glass processing
  • Specifically designed for complex glass shapes
  • Exceptional quality and uniformity of shape
  • Based on 20+ years of proven core technology
  • Glass strengthening and flexibility
    • Tempered – 4–5 times stronger than annealed glass
    • Heat strengthened – 2 times stronger than annealed glass
    • Low stress – Similar to annealed glass

Precision, Repeatability and High Volume = Lower Part Cost

See brochure and product sheet for additional details.



DB 4-S Sell Sheet

DB 4-S

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